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Razzn is about creating new ways for businesses to operate more efficiently. As another step towards that goal we're proud to introduce our new mobile video marketplace Razzn Video.

Razzn Video is a cross-platform mobile video application designed for businesses to provide video instructions and/or services. Service professionals now have a way provide their services remotely when they can't meet their customers face to face. Razzn Video makes it easy to collect fees for shared videos, and while talking with their clients. Teachers, tutors, health professionals are among the providers that can provide services remotely.


Razzn Video supports mobile video uploads, multiple types of video calls, and in-call payments/tips. Here are some of the primary features of the app:

  • Video Uploads/Sharing - upload videos from your smartphone to post on the Razzn Video feed. Choose whether to share only with your contacts, or if it will be posted on the "Public Feed" tab for all Razzn Video users to see.
  • Video Broadcasting - broadcast with a single click from the home screen, and choose whether only your contacts can view or publicly viewable. Broadcast viewers can communicate with you via text, and send tips during the broadcast. Broadcasters have complete control: they can see a list of viewers, a history of text messages that have been sent during the broadcast, and can remove viewers individually from a broadcast at any time.
  • One on One Video Chat - As a user you can initiate a mobile video chat with one of your contacts, see each other using front facing cameras or switch cameras to show more of your environment.
  • In-app Currency and Tipping - Razzn Video utilizes an in-app currency called coins to allow users to purchase videos, and tip service providers. Customers can purchase tips (called Sapphires within the app) for their service providers at any time, including during a video call or broadcast.
  • Instant Messaging (includes In-Call texts) - Full function instant messaging, share text and images and get an indication when messages have been delivered and read. Messaging is fully supported during video chat, and is the only method for broadcast viewers to communicate with the broadcasters.


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How It Works

Sign Up

Razzn Video is designed with ease of use in mind at all levels, the app is clean and intuitive throughout. To get started all you need is an existing email address to create a new account. Choose a username, password, and a “display name”; the display name is the primary name other app users will see. That's it, you're logged in.

Mobile Video Sharing

Once logged in the home page will show a feed of the latest video posts and chat/broadcast invitations from your contacts. On the "Public Feed" tab you can view posts that users have made public. At the top of the public feed tab screen click on the cloud icon to upload your own video to share. You can make the post viewable only by your contacts, or public, and you can set a price for viewers to unlock the video.

Razzn Video takes copyright very seriously, the upload feature is intended for users who want to share videos recorded on their devices. To reduce piracy, videos will not play if the app detects screen recording is activated. Also publishers are notified when viewers take screenshots while viewing videos or during a video chat/broadcast.

Mobile Video Broadcasting and 1-on-1 Video Chat

Search for your clients/family/friends by searching under the contacts tab. Once you've found them send a connection request to start communicating. Razzn Video users can communicate via text and video chat, even at the same time. Users can broadcast to all of their contacts with a single click on the Home page, or initiate a 1-on-1 mobile video chat with one of their contacts. Broadcast viewers can send questions/comments via text during a call.

Special Features:

  • Block Incoming Calls - As a service provider you may prefer to initiate all video calls, rather than have your clients call you. Razzn Video allows you to switch between the ability to receive and not receive incoming video calls at any time. Simply flip a switch on your Profile page.
  • Broadcast Viewers List - Click the viewer counter on the top right of a broadcast (as a broadcaster) and see a list of all the users viewing your broadcast. The list will also show the amount each user has tipped during the broadcast.
  • Drop Individuals from Broadcasts - While viewing the viewer list described above, a broadcaster can drop an individual viewer from the broadcast by clicking the hangup icon. The viewer will be dropped and will not be able to return for the remainder of the broadcast.
  • Broadcast Message History - A broadcaster can view all the text messages sent during the broadcast by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. The same button allows broadcast viewers to type and send a text message to the broadcaster.

In-App Currency and Tipping

Razzn Video utilizes in-app currency to charge for advanced services, and to allow users to tip service providers within the app. As encouragement to try and use our app as much as possible, there are currently no charges for any of the services offered within the app. Advertisements are included in certain parts of the app, where we believe they don't interfere with usability.

Customers can send a tip to any other user at any time, simply click the 'gift' icons placed within the app. During a video broadcast, or 1-on-1 call, click the 'Tap to Tip' button to initiate sending a tip. Users buy in-app "Sapphires" to tip service providers who are notified via text when a tip is successfully sent. To learn how to redeem Sapphires visit the Sapphire Info Page and get all the details. The ability to charge for entry to a video broadcast is under development.

Check out this video preview we've created to show some of the features of the app...

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