Razzn Use Case – AC Repair Company

John owns an AC repair company in South Florida, and has a total of 8 technicians including himself that are out on the road doing AC installations and repair work 6 days a week. Especially in the summer heat and humidity in Florida response time to customer calls can make or break a sale. John’s team uses tablets in their vehicles to record work orders, create invoices, and even accept payments from clients.

To improve efficiency, and particularly call response time, John decides to install the Razzn iPad app in all his technicians vehicles. Each day he and his company admin can view where his vehicles are, and how long they are spending on a particular job. When his admin receives a call she can check the address on Razzn, and check estimated travel times for all the technicians to the potential customer. She now knows who to contact first to see how soon they

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can respond, and who not to call because they’re too far away to respond in a reasonable time.
While John is on the road he also finds other benefits that he hadn’t expected. If a particular job turns out a bit larger than originally expected, he uses Razzn to assign the right person to help to get the job complete as soon as possible. If it’s a job that he wants to assign a special team to he can get a good idea of how soon the team can meet at the necessary address to get started. He also uses the location recording features of the app. At the end of shifts he reviews how long his technicians are spending on particular jobs, and give them instant feedback.

Razzn has become a critical part of how John runs his business, and he sees the results in the number of orders he is able to fulfill and the positive reviews from happy customers that had their AC up and working quickly thanks to Johns’ team.

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