How it Works

Getting Started

Razzn was designed with ease of use in mind at all levels, the app is clean and intuitive throughout. To get started all you need is an existing email address to create a new account. You will choose a username, password, and a “display name”; the display name is what your co-workers will see on the app so we suggest using your real name.

Once you've created your new account you can find find co-workers, customer, or friends to instant message and send/receive meeting notifications and even credit card payments. If you have a group or team that you manage  take full advantage of the features of the app by creating a Razzn Workgroup™ starting at less than US $2 per week. The workgroup can consist of contacts from your device and other Razzn users. We go into more details on workgroup features below, but in brief you can:

  • Create and share schedules - creating your team schedule is simplified with the Razzn Easy Schedule Creator™.
  •  Broadcast Messaging - with a click send a message to all your "off duty" team members (or to all of them with one more click).
  • Location Tracking - (Coming Feb 2017) need to find the closest team member to an emergency call to minimize response time? Want to review driving routes to improve efficiency? Stay tuned.



Sharing and Communications

Within  your Razzn Workgroup™ you can designate other Razzn users as "Editors". Editors can manage workgroup membership, and schedules just as you can. Once your workgroup is finalized creating your first schedule with the Razzn Easy Schedule Creator™ is a breeze with it's simple intuitive interface.

You can send a completed or updated weekly schedule to your team members with a single click. For users not on the Razzn app, a text formatted version of the schedule will be sent via SMS (i.e. text messaging) far more reliably than by email. Team members using the Razzn app, will receive push notifications on changes to the schedule and can utilize the app to set alarms.

Have an important message or critical situation, with the “Message Staff” button you can broadcast a message to the entire team with a single click. The pre-formatted “short staff” message is created for you, and all workgroup members that are off duty are automatically selected. But you can change the message, and select any or all members of your workgroup to broadcast your message to.


Location Services

Now Available!

Activate location services for your Razzn Workgroup™ to keep view the location of your team members while they are scheduled to work . At any instance you can view the current location of all on-duty members of your team. Visibility into your teams’ current location can be a critical enabler, and a powerful tool in improving efficiency. Razzn includes tools aimed at just that:

  • Location Awareness: Get a map view of all on-duty team members. See where they are at any time with a single click.
  • Travel Routes/Times: Type an address in the search bar and immediately see routes for each member of the team, and estimated travel times. Respond to customer calls/emergencies as quickly as possible, and give them more accurate service time windows.
  • Location Logs: View tracks for each team member during shifts over the past 5 days. Use the tracks to improve efficiency of daily routes and/or increase your coverage area.


Other Features...

Integrated Calendars

Integrated calendars keeps all your relevant information in one place, with Razzn also create a share calendars/schedules with employees and/or customers. With Razzn shared calendars you can see who has viewed the calendar/schedule most recently, along with a time stamp of when they last viewed it.

  • Keep restaurant/bar employees informed on their schedules, and know who (and when) has viewed the latest updates.
  • Inform students of after-school programs
  • Keep field technicians updated on their upcoming appointments (Coming Soon: location/mapping integration)
  • Create separate calendars/schedules for employees, customers, even particular groups of customers and share only relevant information with them
  • Create alarms for events on calendars shared with you (e.g. the class on the schedule that you want to take)



Provided through a partnership with Stripe Inc (, users can make and receive credit card payments within the Razzn app. Any credit or debit card can be used to make a payment, and for Apple Pay users Touch ID makes it super easy and secure. To receive payments provide email address for a valid Paypal account, or US bank account information. All personal bank information is encrypted, and ONLY shared with Stripe’s servers, no-one else has access to your banking information (including Razzn).