Claire Restaurant Manager

Razzn Use Case – Claire Restaurant Manager

Claire is the general manager for a large restaurant/bar in the busy downtown area. She oversees over 30 employees, including creating weekly work schedules. She’s having trouble with employees missing her weekly work schedules that she sends out via email, and posts in the kitchen every Sunday. Her workers complain about not getting the email, she’s actually seen it in the spam folder for one of her employees when they checked together. They also aren’t in the restaurant between Sunday and their first shift of the week to see the posts in the kitchen.

Claire decides that she needs to send her employee schedules to their smartphones, and not via email to remedy the problem. She downloads the Razzn app, creates a Razzn Workgroup™, and asks her employees to share their cell phone numbers with her. For those employees concerned about sharing their phone numbers she asks them to download the Razzn app as well, so she can communicate with them without the need for their personal phone number.

With the Razzn Workgroup™ Claire can quickly and easily create weekly schedules in just a few minutes. When she’s done Razzn converts the schedule into a text message that she can send to her team. Employees with the Razzn app can view the schedule within a calendar, and can set reminders etc. If a change is necessary Claire can send the updated schedule with a single click. App Screenshot










Claire immediately notices the reduction in scheduling miscommunications with her team, and the team is much happier with the ability to check their schedule on their smartphones. Emergencies still happen, and on occasion one of the team members unexpectedly cannot make their shift. With her Razzn Workgroup™ Claire simply clicks the “Message Staff” button at the bottom of the workgroup screen. An editable pre-formatted short staff message is displayed, and all team members that are currently off duty are selected to be included in the broadcast message. Claire can choose which team members receive the message (e.g. if she knows they are on vacation), and simply click send to get the word out that she needs help. App Screenshot










Give Razzn a try, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

More Information

Razzn can be found on the App Store as a free download, to create a Razzn Workgroup™ can cost as little as $2 per week.

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