Razzn Use Case – AC Repair Company

John owns an AC repair company in South Florida, and has a total of 8 technicians including himself that are out on the road doing AC installations and repair work 6 days a week. Especially in the summer heat and humidity in Florida response time to customer calls can make or break a sale. John’s team uses tablets in their vehicles to record work orders, create invoices, and even accept payments from clients.

To improve efficiency, and particularly call response time, John decides to install the Razzn iPad app in all his technicians vehicles. Each day he and his company admin can view where his vehicles are, and how long they are spending on a particular job. When his admin receives a call she can check the address on Razzn, and check estimated travel times for all the technicians to the potential customer. She now knows who to contact first to see how soon they

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can respond, and who not to call because they’re too far away to respond in a reasonable time.
While John is on the road he also finds other benefits that he hadn’t expected. If a particular job turns out a bit larger than originally expected, he uses Razzn to assign the right person to help to get the job complete as soon as possible. If it’s a job that he wants to assign a special team to he can get a good idea of how soon the team can meet at the necessary address to get started. He also uses the location recording features of the app. At the end of shifts he reviews how long his technicians are spending on particular jobs, and give them instant feedback.

Razzn has become a critical part of how John runs his business, and he sees the results in the number of orders he is able to fulfill and the positive reviews from happy customers that had their AC up and working quickly thanks to Johns’ team. App Screenshot

Razzn – Improved Visibility for your Team

A new app for businesses on the iPhone and iPad has been receiving attention. The Razzn app by independent South Florida based Razzn LLC makes it easier to keep in contact with your teams while they’re on the road, and to plan schedules and initiate responses to client calls.

At it’s core Razzn is a messaging app, but the features go well beyond what you’re accustomed to seeing. First, there are the calendar and scheduling capabilities fully integrated into the messag-ing core. Making it easy to send meeting invitations without the fear of lost emails. To gain the full power of the application we suggest creating a Razzn Workgroup™. Once your team members are a part of your workgroup, setting up and sharing weekly schedules is a breeze. App Screenshot








The user interface for the Razzn Easy Schedule Creator™ couldn’t be simpler. At the click of a button send reminders, or notify the team of schedule changes. Although the app is only available on iPhone/iPad at the moment (an Android version is expected in mid 2017), the workgroup schedule can be shared with team members on other platforms via traditional text messaging. Simply add users from your device phonebook, and Razzn will format a text message containing the weekly schedule. While the calendar and scheduling features of Razzn are rather impressive, the thing that makes it stand out is the visibility it gives you while your team members are “on duty”.

When you have your team registered on the Razzn app, it will keep track of when your team members are scheduled to work and during those hours keep a log of their location . At any in-stance you can view the current location of all on duty members of your team. Visibility into your teams’ current location can be a powerful tool in improving efficiency. Razzn includes tools aimed at just that. For example, while viewing the current locations of your team simply type an address and get travel routes and times for each. Razzn will highlight the route for the team member with the shortest travel time, to help choosing the right person to respond and also provide a more ac-curate ETA to your customers. App Screenshot











Razzn will log the location of team members during a shift, with this capability assigned users can review activity at the end of a shift . You can view a trail of the entire shifts activity, or play/rewind/pause the trail as the logged location activity is played on the map. App Screenshot











Give Razzn a try, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

More Information

Razzn can be found on the App Store as a free download, to create a Razzn Workgroup™ can cost as little as $2 per week.

Claire Restaurant Manager

Razzn Use Case – Claire Restaurant Manager

Claire is the general manager for a large restaurant/bar in the busy downtown area. She oversees over 30 employees, including creating weekly work schedules. She’s having trouble with employees missing her weekly work schedules that she sends out via email, and posts in the kitchen every Sunday. Her workers complain about not getting the email, she’s actually seen it in the spam folder for one of her employees when they checked together. They also aren’t in the restaurant between Sunday and their first shift of the week to see the posts in the kitchen.

Claire decides that she needs to send her employee schedules to their smartphones, and not via email to remedy the problem. She downloads the Razzn app, creates a Razzn Workgroup™, and asks her employees to share their cell phone numbers with her. For those employees concerned about sharing their phone numbers she asks them to download the Razzn app as well, so she can communicate with them without the need for their personal phone number.

With the Razzn Workgroup™ Claire can quickly and easily create weekly schedules in just a few minutes. When she’s done Razzn converts the schedule into a text message that she can send to her team. Employees with the Razzn app can view the schedule within a calendar, and can set reminders etc. If a change is necessary Claire can send the updated schedule with a single click. App Screenshot










Claire immediately notices the reduction in scheduling miscommunications with her team, and the team is much happier with the ability to check their schedule on their smartphones. Emergencies still happen, and on occasion one of the team members unexpectedly cannot make their shift. With her Razzn Workgroup™ Claire simply clicks the “Message Staff” button at the bottom of the workgroup screen. An editable pre-formatted short staff message is displayed, and all team members that are currently off duty are selected to be included in the broadcast message. Claire can choose which team members receive the message (e.g. if she knows they are on vacation), and simply click send to get the word out that she needs help. App Screenshot










Give Razzn a try, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

More Information

Razzn can be found on the App Store as a free download, to create a Razzn Workgroup™ can cost as little as $2 per week.