About Us

Razzn’s creators have spent 20+ years creating communications tools for public safety professionals, in particular police and fire-fighters. Based on field research conducted with these teams it became clear that voice communications, while essential, was inadequate to fully meet their needs. There often was a need for these teams to share information that is difficult to relay via voice, for example:

  • Events/Schedules - work/class schedules, meetings and appointments are often critical for businesses. Email is currently the primary tool used for this purpose, but our email accounts are flooded with junk and critical data can get lost
  • Images/Video - “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the ability to instantaneously share an image or live video can save a ton of time and effort.
  • Location/Mapping - the ability to know where team members are, and/or how far they are from a location is often important and not easily communicated with current tools. Razzn allows team members to share locations, and team leaders can even review routes to help improve team performance.

Once it became clear that teams outside of the public safety space had similar communications needs, Razzn was born. At it’s core Razzn in a data communications tool, designed to help users easily communicate important data quickly to those that need it. Razzn allows users visibility into operations that they didn't have before. Events and scheduling typically is done via email (competing with everything else in your inbox). Images and video shared with a different tool if at all. While location information is shared via voice communications, which is often ineffective and prone to error.

Finally, to meet basic business needs the Razzn team partnered with Stripe to integrate credit/debit card payments to create an inclusive small business communications tool.   Give Razzn a try here, and feel free to send us your feedback at support@razzn.com.